Marketing Sample


Marketing Job

In the business world, there are various career options. Marketing is one of them and more so it is the mother of all careers. Without having prudent marketing strategies, a business or an organization cannot succeed in a competitive business environment. Irrespective of the uniqueness of this job offer, marketing is more challenging in a banking environment where marketers deal with sensitive money matters. It is this possible challenge that motivates me to join banking sector as a marketer. Read More

Employee Wellness Program Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is a detailed list of actions that an organization intends to use to sell a new product or service. The current paper is in the form of a marketing plan for the employees of Trout Company for their wellness, dubbed the “employee wellness program”. In order to develop a well-detailed marketing plan, there are a number of factors that need to be considered. Read More

Marketing Research Methods

Economics is a social science according to the foundations of economics. Just like anthropology, law, geography, sociology among other disciplines of social sciences, economics deals with linking the consumer with the producer. The relationships between these two entities in economics constitute marketing. Market research involves consumers of goods and services rendered by an enterprise. Market research focuses on the customers, the public domain and the marketer through supply of information. This paper explains how different types of market research methods would helpful in identifying whether there would be a market for an internet cafe business in London. (Russel, 2006) Read More

Facet of Normative Marketing Theory and Turbulent Environment

With the changing era, the normative marketing theory took the place of marketing theory. These theories described the right things which should exist. The concepts of entrepreneurial marketing and contextual marketing developed with times which are discussed in this part. The managers devise the strategies keeping in mind the disruptive, unstable, fragmented, and fast changing environment. The normative marketing theories are adopted by the managers to succeed in the turbulent environment. Read More

Sustainability and Marketing Strategy in The Body Shop

Research ProjectCore Theme - Sustainability and Marketing Strategy INCLUDEPICTURE "http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_asPNJYkRO4E/TN_y4R61jRI/AAAAAAAAAM4/ayPL7fp_KsA/s1600/10-best-green-social-networks.jpg" \* MERGEFORMATINET Submitted To: Course InstructorSubmitted By: Submitted On: 12th Feb, 2013IntroductionThis research is conducted in order to estimate the impact of environmental friendly products and services over ?The Body Shop? and the driving forces pushing the product development and marketing team to incorporate green product marketing in their products portfolio.Environmental Issues Caused by Business PracticesIt has been seen that a great deal of damage caused to the environment is basically done by the way companies conduct their business processes. According to PRI Association Research (2011) there are many indicators... Read More

Social Media Marketing Communications

MEDIA COMMUNICATIONS Abstract This paper presents a discussion on social media marketing and its role in promoting the effectiveness of marketing strategies, such as traditional marketing. Illustrations of marketing via Facebook and YouTube are used to depict the benefits and challenges associated with social media marketing. The importance and implications of integrating social media and traditional media marketing processes are also explained within the paper. The paper employs secondary research method to gather statistical and theoretical data from research articles as the basis of discussion and illustration. On the basis of the discussion, an integration of social media and traditional... Read More

Winning Marketing Strategies in Smartphone Industry

WINNING MARKETING STRATEGIES IN SMARTPHONE INDUSTRY: A CASE STUDY OF MEXICO[Name][Course][Date]1.0 Introduction1.1 BackgroundAccording to new research, the demand for Smartphone is going to hit 1.2 billion by the end of 2014 (eMarketer 2014; Dolcourt, 2014). With mature markets like USA and UK having stagnated, emerging markets such as China, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Russia, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey and others are expected to be the drivers for the increased sales. Most of the researches conclude that close to half of the Smartphone sales will be made in the emerging market (Ashdown, 2011; IDC, 2014). This reality presents emerging... Read More