Classics English literature Samples

Classics English literature

The Uncanny - Theory and Analysis

The Uncanny: The paper debates the various theories and concepts of uncanny in feminism in the patriarchal society with a brief reference to Freud's paradigm of uncanny. Read More

Literature As a Reflection of Contemporary Society

The paper is an analysis of the three popular works by Dylan Thomas, James Joyce, and D.H. Lawrence. Read More

The Mill on the Floss portrays the conflict between personal ambition and family expectations - Discuss

The paper studies George Eliot’s "The Mill on the Floss" and Eliot's social conventions of family expectations and personal ambitions. Read More

Specimen of Bushmen Folklore: Book Review

The essay is a book review of the "Specimens of Bushman Folklore" which aims to discuss the colonial implications and irony evident in the novel. Read More