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Project Management

Project Management Report

Identification of the Risk
The risk associated with the project were identified as follows: The project may take long than the duration it was planned for; the project may require more resources than what was initially allocated for and some Events that may disrupt the smooth running of the project
Communicate about the risk
This involves communicating the identified risks to all the stakeholders involved so that as a team we set measures in place that can be used to mitigate them, or in case of their occurrence impact posed by them can be minimised as Chorafas D (2013) suggest .The risk identified above are communicated to the all the stake holders involved in the project. Read More

Project and Operations Management

Operation management entails the designing, overseeing, and controlling of production process in an organization (Rao 2010). It is used by organisations to ensure that the available resources are effectively used to realize customer satisfaction. Increase in competition has compelled organisation to adopt operation management as a way of creating competitive advantage. Moreover, operation management is undertaken to enhance efficiency during the production process or delivery of goods and services. With the assistance of an operation manager, organisations maximise production using the available resources (Voss 1995). Intense competition and discerning consumers have left manufacturing organisation with no option but to adopt some of available operation management practices such as computer integrated manufacturing (CIM), flexible manufacturing systems (FMS), total quality management (TQM, and just-in-time (JIT) (Neely 1993). Given that operation function is the organisation’s part concerned with goods and service delivery or production, it means that all organisations carry out operation management. Read More

Project Management - Loreal

Project management has a profound impact on the performance of the company. In this regard the role of the project manager is also very important. As part of the process, L’Oreal which happens to the largest cosmetics company, a study is undertaken, on the mode of operations of the company, the mechanisms of project as well as risk management and in the fag end an analysis along with suitable recommendations are framed. Read More

Project Management - Scott

Project management deals with the proper organization of the projects components. A company can initiate any project that its managers aim at completing. Some of the good examples of projects initiated by organization include launching event for a new product developed by the company or the product marketing campaign for an already product. Projects are usually activities that are started out of the usual business operations. They are usually created at a specific time to meet certain set objectives. According to Hauhey (2009), a project consumes time and resource, and this explains why careful measures should be put in place when initiating projects in an organization. Since managers of most of the organization today are charged with the responsibility of initiating the projects, they should have a clear understanding of the terminologies, the concepts, principles and the theories required to appropriately, apply them in the management of their projects. Read More

Project management: “Borneo Ride”

In the project, there is uneven in resource usage for people that have multiple responsibilities. (Me) is allocated 7 tasks to be in charge of and these are running throughout the lifecycle of a project. Mary has three tasks to be in charge of while Kelvin is in charge of only two. The distribution of these resources is uneven and this is seen in the number of hours that each is allowed per given week in the progress of this project. Besides, the total number of activities that are supposed to be performed per week is also quite uneven where for example in the weeks between 7/10/13 and 11/11/13, there were only 0.8 hours that were performed for each week. Week 21/01/13 had 88.4 hours while week 14/01/13 had 92.8 hours of work that were needed for the tasks to be performed. Read More