Marketing Job


In the business world, there are various career options. Marketing is one of them and more so it is the mother of all careers. Without having prudent marketing strategies, a business or an organization cannot succeed in a competitive business environment. Irrespective of the uniqueness of this job offer, marketing is more challenging in a banking environment where marketers deal with sensitive money matters. It is this possible challenge that motivates me to join banking sector as a marketer.

Barclays bank is one of the financial institutions that give the best marketing career to all those who intend to work in this sector as marketers. Barclay’s geographic location, work hours, salary, job security, promotion potential and working challenges among others motivate me and therefore, generating a deep wish in me to be a part of their marketing department (Denizer, 2000).

Geographical location

Barclays bank is a multinational institution which has extended its interests in many nations in the world. This makes it exciting for any employee who would like to work in a different business environment or location. It is possible for one to work anywhere as a Barclays marketer. To top it all, Barclays bank is located a few kilometers from where I live. If I am able to secure a position in this institution, I would prefer joining the nearest branch from my area of residence (Denizer, 2000). There are various advantages that are subject to this achievement. One, by working in this branch, it will be economical for me to operate since the cost of traveling will be minimized. The advantage to the bank here is that they can easily harness my full potential, hence promoting bank objectives. This will be possible because it will be convenient for me to leave and report to work, hence promoting my relationship with the bank authority. Moreover, I will be having direct contact with the local inhabitants of the area making it possible for me to market bank products with fewer challenges. This is because I have the right information regarding the region’s financial, social and other components that are essential in marketing strategies mostly in the financial sector. As a society member of the region or locality that the bank operates in, it will be my pleasure to advise the bank the best way to give back to the society and advertise our products and promote them to the society members. Society members will find it realistic to associate with the bank because they will find me as one of their own, hence making it easy and worthwhile to promote the bank’s activities in the region.

Work Hours

Barclays bank has the best working hours’ time frame for all workers. In the marketing department, working hours are a bit more flexible and convenient holding the fact that this department’s main objective is to strategize the best way to penetrate to the new regions as well as retain the already secured market segments. Interaction between the targeted customers and the bank officers is a must. In most cases, it will be expected from some people in the marketing department to spend most of their time in the field meeting customers and understanding the market. This will automatically change the working hours for them. It will make it more flexible and because Barclays bank’s marketing department works with targets, working hours will be mostly determined by the officers themselves.

Candidates who have been interviewed for marketing roles in Barclays have acknowledged that the enterprise has confirmed that it is up to an individual officer to decide their work hours, as long as he or she meets his targets among other goals as a banker.


This bank has the best compensation structures as compared to others in the region. This makes Barclays the best employers in the region. Fair remuneration motivates the workers, hence helping the institution to grow. The growth of the institution also means that the salaries of the employees will be revised accordingly. The bank has allowed individual employees to join unions; and at the same time it has acknowledged this union, hence opening up to the idea of union’s salaries recommendations. This makes it realistic for the employees to be fairly considered for their rendered services to the institution.

Job Security

Job security is a major concern of all workers. It is therefore important to note that any bank as an institution has a lot to do to make employees feel secure. Holding the fact that Barclays bank is a multinational financial institution, it has been reporting good returns after every financial year. This proves that this institution is capable of meeting its costs smoothly. Also, this bank is expanding day in and day out. This proves that the bank requires more employees; hence guaranteeing job security to the already employed personnel. Barclays bank uses employees’ job security as a motivating strategy whereby all workers are assured of having a stable employment for a specific time. On the same hand, this institution is also subject to workers’ union. The union has made it possible for the bank to streamline all workers’ interests, irrespective of the department one is working at.

Promotion potential

Barclays has a smooth promotion strategy where fairness and equality are basic criteria. All workers are assured of being promoted, irrespective of the possible connection that one has in the bank. This acts as a motivating factor to the young employees. It is with this respect that promotion is given based on one’s education, productivity and ability to control and observe banking activities. As compared to many such institutions, Barclay’s promotion is procedural and all employees are aware of what to follow (Engleberg, 2007).

This creates certainty mostly to the performers. As a marketer who has joined the bank, he or she will start as a field officer and later as a clerk in the marketing department. From this stage, one can be considered as a supervisor of the field officers and can later get promoted to the manager or deputy manager of the department based on the performance and results. If one proves capable after this level, then one can join the management area where all banking resolutions are made.

Working challenges

The working environment of a bank is challenging, basing this on the sensitivity of the business. This is the most challenging role and it is important to be disciplined. On the other hand, marketing is also a tough role and one needs determination to manage different temperaments and attitudes of customers. It requires tact and humility to relate well with the management, at the same time making it a point to remain focused on the job role (Ungar, 2005).

Personal career goals

It is my aspiration to be one of the decision makers in a financial institution, in their marketing division. By pursuing a marketing career with Barclays bank, this dream will be a reality. The finance sector would give me adequate exposure since I would be mandated to work closely with all people in the society. It is therefore important to note that this offer will add value to me professionally as a career person, and personally as a social being who would like to join politics in future (Ackrill, 2001).

Barclays bank stands to be a potential employer to me and it will be an achievement to work with them. This institution’s working environment motivates me and many others who wish to work with this leading institutions. Holding all factors constant, Barclays has a good profile as an employer hence encouraging many aspirants to join them.


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