Discount Policy

1. Many numbers of repeat customers under different identities have been trying to use the "new customer discount" in the last few months. It is important to know that the new customer discount is meant only for those customers that have not used our service or got to know of it from someone else.

2. In the event of a repeat customer availing this discount fraudulently, our assurances with respect to plagiarism, confidentiality and copyrights of all their earlier essays will stand annulled.

3. "New customer discount" cannot be availed by relatives or connections such as "boyfriends" or "girl friends". Handling such incidents of misuse is a wasted effort as it involves valuable time and is a blot on our entire quality of service.

4. Our discount policy is intended to protect our valuable customers. If you are one of our satisfied customers, we request that no one abuse our "new customer discount". The purpose of this policy is to protect the interest of our sincere customers. We do not want any impediments in our service to valuable customers just because of a few defaulters.

5. When you avail our service, it also implies that you agree with the discount policy. Any misuse of the discount policy will hamper the delivery of your essay. Further, you will receive no refund for the order, as you will not qualify for it.

6. If you are our loyal customer, but are facing a cash crunch, please write to us on "help@myinstantessay.com" and we will endeavour to give you a pocket-friendly pricing.