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Why does Adorno insist that contemporary culture is an industry?

Theodor Adorno was a leading 20th Century philosopher and theorist. His writing was mainly centred on human suffering with his notable influencers being Marx, Hegel, and Nietzsche. His is linked to the Institute for Social Research, of which the Frankfurt School was part of. The school acted as a cultural and intellectual hub and hence promoted socialism. Among his most refereed works is on his critic of the culture industry. Adorno viewed the entertainment industry as a formulaic and mechanic in nature in the same way that the workplace was. Adorno argued that humans endeavour to free from the monotony of the workplace by going for leisure in the entertainment industry but sadly, such people never get the freedom that they so much yearn for (Adorno, 1991). The essay provides strong arguments in regards to Adorno’s view of contemporary culture as an industry. The contemporary culture has become more comodified and routinized through the capitalism oppressive rules, which makes it the culture industry. Adorno's views on the culture industry and enlightenment, TV, and music will be examined. Influences of Marx on Ardono's works swill also be evaluated, along with the criticism of his work. The Frankfurt School vs. Chicago School on contemporary culture as an industry will also be sought. Read More

Giuseppe Verdi

Giuseppe Verdi was born in Le Roncole, Italy, in the Parma region on 10th October, 1813. His father was Carlo Verdi and mother, Luiggia Uttini. His family was not well off, and had limited resources of survival. From his humble beginnings, Verdi had a flare for music. He was born during turbulent times when Parma was in the control of Napoleon armies. At 13 years, he was encouraged by a merchant concerning his studies. Read More

Gloria Steinem

Gloria M. Steinem was born on 25th march, 1934. She is a powerful American journalist, socio-political activist and feminist who had been recognized nationally as a leader for women and a spokeswoman for the media, for the liberation of women’s movement from 1960’s upto late 1970’s. Besides being an activist and a spokeswoman, Gloria was also a political figure and a prominent writer (Cooke, 2010). Numerous projects and organizations were found by her and she had been honored in that respect with numerous awards. She was one of the founders of Ms. Magazine and a writer for New York paper. Read More

JFK – The Movie

Stone’s montage sequence of the JFK assassination is like a Cubist painting since a Cubist painting is one that has hidden meanings and it is impossible to identify its different aspects easily. According to the JFK movie, there is a conspiracy theory that is more than baffling and unbelievable. It is called the magic bullet theory which tries to explain how a single bullet could have left seven wounds on JFK. Read More