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Big Data Analytics

This paper, examines the concept behind the Term “Big data” as it has been commonly used in field of business growth and Information Technology respectively. In today’s competitive globe markets, business managers often uses data to make informed managerial decisions and analyze marketing projections for their success. This helps in understanding the customer’s requirements as business develops the products and services that precisely meet their expectations. the concepts behind “BIG DATA” brings in a new level of adding value to competitive business world as they tries to reach large clientele base for their products and services globally. In it, the end-users enjoy the full packages such as integrated storage, data analytics and other applications that aids in efficiency, drive quality and produces higher level of customer satisfaction and experiences. Though, experts warn of the challenges big data would bring, its opportunities are huge to drive the business in top. Read More

Digital Networks and Digital Business

Through the years, the increase in technology has been greatly evident in our society. Man spends his time inventing new things, or renovating and improvising them. More high-rise buildings are built today, cars with greater performances and computers with improved speeds are being manufactured, greater gadgets are placed in the marketplace, and we can never exclude among the list – the rise of Information Technology, its applications and extensive improvements. An advance in the field information technology that greatly shaped this world is the advent of computer networking and the internet. With the internet, greater access for more information is made possible. Because of digital networks, connections are no longer limited to linking computers inside a building; on the contrary it allows wider connections between computers across countries. There are numerous applications for using the internet, which make it very practical for various applications today. The common applications are conducting researches, sending electronic mails, sharing files, etc. Another application that is in the rise is the execution of business through the internet – e-business and e-commerce. Most organisations have integrated the internet as a part of their business operations. Read More

Radio Frequency Identification Tags

The RFIDs are wireless devices that are usually powered by batteries and can be tracked electronically by use of computers. An RFID comprises of a transponder and an interrogator which is able to capture data. This information can be read electronically from a distance in real time through the use of radio waves (Randy 2009). Wall mart started using the RFID technology back in the year 2005 which has been a success and now has spread to various industries. Over the past few years, business has changed as a result of the new developments in information technology (Wachira 2010). The RFIDs have increasingly been used in various applications including libraries and shops. Specifically, they have been used to improve the efficiency and quality of performing operations in organizations’ products and services Read More

RIFD Tracking of Students

A BBC News Technology (2013) reported the case of a Texan student, Andrea Hernandez, who was asked to either comply with the regulations and wear a badge with radio tracking embedded biometric chip or move to another educational system that does not specify that requirement. Radio tracking and surveillance of students is nothing new in the modern “Surveillance Society” (Wood, et al., 2006) that can be defined as “…purposeful, routine, systematic and focused attention paid to personal details, for the sake of control, entitlement, management, influence or protection” (Wood, et al., 2006, p. 4). Read More

Shared Folders and NTFS

Computer network is a concept that we come across frequently in our day to day lives. Usually servers are locked behind closed doors, lockers and they store valuable company resources like important folders, data in documents or spreadsheet applications. As these servers are typically locked they are only accessible by those staff who have permission over the network. So, a special stage of security for protecting these valuable resources is the physical security that can be given by not permitting those staff direct access to the hardware environment in which the resource is physically placed. Read More


Business owners constantly design surveillance systems to monitor the behavior, activities or any changing information in the company premises for purposes of influencing, managing and also safeguarding the property from intruders. Compared to cabled surveillance cameras, there are several advantages of using a commercial wireless technology enabled devices to safeguard the property. This is fact that an intruder will not realize there are surveillance systems since no wiring has been done to installed devices. On the other, it saves the users substantial cost that would be used to purchase connection wires. In this regards, the company that invests in wireless IR motion system do not incur sophisticated infrastructure but rather acquires a service package with reliability and cost effective frameworks in their security implementation. Therefore considering cabled surveillance systems, the company must factor in the cost of setting up a cabinet network, redundancy and backup procedures as well other devices to enhance its efficiency. However, considering the wireless IR motion devices there have in-built applications contained in one item, easy to use manual and less costing to the users since it requires minimal maintenances Read More