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HRM Report Assignment

Human capital are recognized as the most important resource in and which can be used to achieve competitive advantage of a firm. As such they need to be managed professionally in such as manner they are aligned to organizational strategy. This essay identifies issues of overstaffing and misaligned goals in the firm and offers solution of using fact-based model and performance model to solve these issues. Recommendations on actionable plans are outlined at the tail-end of the essay. Read More

Human Resource Management

Management Development (MD) is an on-going process of learning; by which not only executive level managers gain advantages, but also the organisations benefit. It is said to be quite enduring, because today’s marketplace is in whirlwind demanding position, with rapid employee growth for brisk development of business. This also brings in unexpected issues and challenges, demanding immediate action and new solutions (Bernard, 2012). Consequently, for the effective functioning of the organisation, it is critical to cultivate particular skills in managers, as they are the most important factor in constructing a productive workplace. Read More


Employees use a number of criteria to evaluate the fairness of a pay structure which includes judging fairness by comparing the pay structures to other employees. It is paramount to note that when employees acknowledge equity in their pay as compared to other employees, their behavior and attitudes remain unchanged. The employees also communicate fairness especially when they compare their pay with other employers. Modern technology has ensured that employees can get payment details online of other employers (Noe, 2014). Read More

Cultural Beliefs of Walt Disney

Students? NameInstitution of LearningCultural Beliefs of Walt DisneyThe corporate culture employed at Walt Disney is unique and aimed at realizing the overall goals of the company. Walt Disney has unique names for its employees, customers and training sessions. Employees here are referred to as ?cast members? and customers as ?guests?, and training sessions as ?traditions? (Gershon, 2009). These name codes give the company a unique orientation in its approach to business. Visiting the company website, one picks up the word magical easily, which sets out the strong values and belief that Walt Disney follows. As highlighted above, Walt Disney employees... Read More