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Accounting & Finance

Vodafone group is one of the largest and well spread telecommunication companies in the world with operations in more than 20 countries. The company provides a range of telecommunication services which includes data fixed broadband, voice communications and sale carrier services. Other portfolios include business managed services, such as secure remote network access services, as well as operate and sell mobile virtual network access. In addition, it supplies smart phones and tablets; designs, manufactures, and sells handsets under the Vodafone brand The company currently holds partner networks in 7 countries and equity interests in 27 countries which spans from Asia, Africa, Europe and US. All its subsidiaries operate under the name Vodafone. Read More

Accounting Sample

The report was required by the directors of the Dragons’ Ken Limited, which is intending to invest in one of the jewelry companies: Diamond and Pearl. The financial statements have been analyzed through ratio analysis to present the performance of each company. The importance and limitations of ratio analysis have been explained in details. From the results, Diamond appears to be performing better than Pearl Ltd. therefore; it has been recommended that the directors should invest in Diamond Ltd (Kaufman 2010). Read More

Financial Reporting for not-for-profit organizations

Financial reporting for not for profit organizations is a requirement under the standards of FASB, in articles 116 and 117. Although the objective of profitable and not-for-profit organizations differ, the essence of reporting is a requirement that portrays accountability, transparency and future planning. The reports are meant to guide interested members such as donors, creditors, and members in various decision making purposes. There are no strict regulations or guidelines for the format of the reports that an organization can prepare, still they are required to come up with statements for mentioned reasons. Read More

Activity Based Costing

Activity Based Costing (ABC) is one of the costing techniques in accounting that business enterprises utilise to accumulate data concerning their various operational activities. Costing could be a simple exercise if only the direct and indirect costs are taken into consideration while calculating the price of a product, but all kinds of costs can not be added up to come up with the final price of a product. For example, salaries of managers and other executives can not be added up to come up with the price of a specific product especially when it is a large organisation producing several products. Read More


A budgeting is the process of creating a plan on how to utilize the available capital. Budget enables an individual or organization to determine in advance whether there is enough liquid capital to do the intended things (Sullivan & Steven 2003). Therefore, a budget is used by any organization to forecast on revenues and expenditure and also to establish the cost of operations. This paper will providecritical analysis on how managerial accounting differs with cost accounting. The paper also gives a brief description of lean production philosophy and highlight key differences between lean production accounting and typical production accounting. Finally the paper will provide recommendations on how Dr. White would prepare for reduced budgets that will enable him to cope with the reduced budget next year and the foreseeable future. Read More

Current Account Deficit

Balance of Payments, documents one country’s transactions with other countries in the world and comprises of conventional flows of services and goods, cross-border payments connected to international financial assets ownership and current transfers (Ken and Robert, 2009). Moreover, the balance of payments may be statistical statements that include the current account, which provides a systematic record of a country’s economic transactions with other countries in the world (The Pink Book, 2010). Statements in Balance of payments cover an extensive range of economic transactions that include financial flows, imports and exports and goods and services, and income flows, which may be offsetting entries to concerned one-sided transactions. This essay provides an overview of the current account deficit, its nature and impact to the economy. Read More