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Impact of Social Media Marketing On the Media Communication Opportunities of a Company

Social media marketing has impacted greatly on the success of various organizations. Some have even managed to integrate the existing conventional sales and marketing efforts with such social media marketing tools as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, among others. The current research paper is an attempt to examine the impact of social media marketing on the media communication opportunities of a company. The paper starts by reviewing the existing literature on the importance of social media marketing. In addition, the social media marketing concept has also been defined. Next, the paper discusses the social marketing concept as a media vehicle. The application of social media marketing at Dell Inc. has also been assessed. The paper has also looked at some of the other media vehicles that Dell has been using, besides social media marketing. Moreover, dell’s business model is examined, and its communication process explained. Finally, the challenges defacing Dell as a result of adopting social media marketing is also explored. Read More

Strategic Planning for Digital Marketing Communications

FYFO stands for “fuel your fashion online”. This is an online retailer based in Norwich, London and specializes in selling clothes, handbags, footwear, and other accessories (Martin & Monica 2011). It is a family owned business whose existence has been supplemented by the Miss shoes, another small owned and run business. The company was founded after Miss Shoes become “a leading footwear player on eBay and Amazon” (Martin & Monica 2011). Read More