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Although suicide bombing is widely regarded by many as ‘un-Islamic’ and ‘un-afghan’, Taliban insurgents are slowly but gradually viewing it as a symbol of supreme devotion, as opposed to a taboo. Suicide bombing is now regarded as a cultural change by the Afghan insurgents, who also view it as a strategic as well as an ideological defeat in as far as war on terror is concerned (Gordon 2010). The afghan fighters, popularly referred to as mujahedeen, would fight with the hope of seeing another day. They took joy in fighting and experience the glory that comes with victory. Read More

A Memo on Homeland Security

The US has come up with counterterrorism strategies which have been coordinated with other Agencies in an effort to ensure that the terrorists are not able to finance their operations (Weiss 2010). The FBI-USA PATRIOT ACT has established some tools that will ensure that all terrorist Acts are enforced in an effort to combat terrorism. Several Anti Money Laundering Laws have been formed to protect the financial system from such illicit activities (Lormel, 2009). Read More

Homeland security 2

TIsrael is a small country in the Middle East neighboring Iran to the East and Syria to the south. Its location in the Middle East has for a number of years been contested by her neighbors such as Iran which holds an opinion that the country Israel should never exists. The reason for this deeply rooted animosity is unclear but this is the number one source of threat for attack for the small country. Her neighbors are not at ease with her existence. Read More