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Leadership Paper

Leadership is described by classical theorists as an instrument that enables organisations to realise a set of organisational goals (de Ver 2009). An effective leader is one who can motivate, inspire, and influence employees to contribute positively towards the realisation of an organization’s success and effectiveness. Different leaders employ different leadership styles. Moreover, each leader possesses different leadership personality behaviours or traits that define his or her leadership style Read More

Leadershp and Management

According to Thomas in 2005, no single firm or organization can exist alone (James H. Stronge, 2008, p. 65). Firms that want to compete successfully ought to engage both clients and employees in order to develop the necessary skills and practices for the achievement of the organization goals. The interaction of all the parties in the organization can help in opening up new markets. Creativity and innovation are the main outcomes of good leadership style. A leader creates confidence, admiration and commitment with their junior staff. The leaders are bound by the decisions made by their subordinates (Rubin, 2002, p. 99). On the other hand, effective management is required to ensure that an organization attains its goals. Read More