Healthcare Studies Samples

Healthcare Studies

Embryonic Stem Cell Research Should Get Federal Funding or Not

This essay is about the controversy surrounding the need for Federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. Read More

Case Study on Community Vaccination (US)

The research study shows successful implementation of the Community Vaccination program by the US health system for the prevention of infectious diseases and improving immunization among the US citizens Read More

The Three Consultation Models

The article explores the three models of consultation in the healthcare sector - the three-function model, the BARD model, and the Calgary Cambridge model and their relevance in upkeeping safety through effective communication between the medical practitioner and the patient. Read More

Health Promotion Plan Rationale Critique

The sample article is about creating a smoke-free ordinance in Restaurants in Delaware Country, Indiana. The critique process involves evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the sample rationale program Read More

Statistical Assignment

A statistical study on two-tailed hypothesis tests and the use of EQ-5D questionnaire to heal difficult ulcers in patients and to assess their quality of life. Read More

Literature Review : Control of Wheelchair via Brainwave Recognition

This report entails a literature review on the progress of control of a wheelchair through brainwave recognition.The review examines the extent to which innovation of brain controlled wheelchair has succeeded in helping individuals faced by movement impairment. Read More

Alcoholism in Men

The essay studies the statistics of alcohol consumption in the UK, especially the male gender. Read More

Human Factor In The Surgical Environment

The study highlights the significance of human factors that can contribute to patient safety. Read More

Management of Trauma Patient

A case study on clinical management of acute severe pain following an accident. Read More

Journal article critique - Reducing the risk of surgical site infection

A research paper on a case study of surgical site infection due to contamination of surgical theatre clothing. Read More


The essay discusses the different aspects of a research study of youth in distress who use text messages for communication. Read More