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Condition of the American Dream in the United States

The American dream is one of those aspects that make the United States a unique country. However, in recent years the American dream has become less realistic compared to the years after the American dream as concept was born. Events surrounding the previous 2008-1009 seem to be a contributing factor to Americans becoming disconnected from the American Dream. This paper looks at the extent to which achieving the American dream is possible in the United States and how concerned people should be about it. Read More

American Government

Americans constitution has enshrined the bill of rights which has ten amendments. All these amendments aim at protecting the rights of the Americans irrespective of the individual capacity or position. In case an individual is criminally indicted, he or she holds and enjoys all the amended rights as an individual and he or she has the right to demand them (Bodenhamer, 1993). This gives some of the amendments’ profile to the suspects than others. For example, freedom of speech, press, religion and petition, right of search and seizure regulated and the speedy trial, witness etc. These three amendments give the suspect a fair ground to deal with allegations that they have been faced with, without interfering with his or her personal rights. Read More


Bullying takes many forms and it destroys the bullied person’s mood, hence making him or her feel belittled and humiliated. On the same note, extensive bulling can be dehumanizing and therefore there is a good reason to control it both legally and socially (Piehl, 2009). Children in school should be discouraged from bullying each other and those involved in this social vice should be disciplined accordingly. If bullying turns criminal, then a legal process that defines bullying charges should be put in place to shield the interests of the majority and the human dignity of the affected. Read More

Internet Childhood Pornography

From the case involving the State vs. Williams 553 U.S. 285 (2003), child pornography not only entails exposing children below 18 years to explicit behavior, but also entails involving a child in sexually suggestive conduct. The Internet invention in the late 1980s aggravated the issue as it has provided access to provocative graphics as well as literature to minors. Unlike other crimes that can be easily handled by local law enforcing agencies, Internet child pornography has been quite hard to combat due a number of reasons. Read More

Forensic Case

The infamous Kevin Nunes case was a case of Gangland savagery. The victim Nunes was killed in cold blood, beaten kicked, his skull bashed in with a blow, shot five times and subsequently mauled in a way which would sicken even the most hardened. He showed signs of promise in football but was believed to be part of a drug group and killed as a result of on-going rivalry between rival groups involved in transporting cocaine from midlands to Aberdeen, where there is a very high demand for drugs and can be paid twice its price.(Rose, 2013) Read More

Global Warming

Global warming is the increase in the temperature of the atmosphere due to the increase in greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. The atmosphere contains many gases naturally such as nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, water vapour and some other gaseous substances in smaller quantities such as ozone, methane and nitrous oxide. Out of these, nitrogen and oxygen have no effect on absorbing the thermal radiation from the earth’s surface. Carbon dioxide is a good absorber of heat and traps the heat radiated from the earth’s surface, increasing the atmospheric temperature. This leads to increased amount of water vapours in the air which further increase the temperature by blanketing the heat. This blanketing function helps on maintaining the earth’s surface temperature at 15°C, which otherwise would have been -6°C had these gases not been present. This is called the natural greenhouse effect (Houghton, 2007, p.16). Read More

Venezuela Current Event

Children in Venezuela have been seen with assault weapons in a photograph. The report released on 03 February 2012 states that the photograph was taken at an event conducted by a community political organization called La Piedrita(Ramsey, 1). Read More