Criminology Sample


Crime Problem: Gang Violence

Gang violence has become a perennial problem in United States. No matter the hard measures taken by the federal government criminal gangs continue to wreck havoc in our streets and neighborhoods. In a 2010 survey, the National Youth gang Survey (NYGS) put the prevalence of gang problems at 34.1 percent, a figure that has remained fairly constant since 2005(Egley and Howell, 2012). According to the survey, there are an estimated 29,400 number of gangs operating across the United States, with approximately 756, 000 gang members. The FBI associates the proliferation of gangs to the rise in number of violent crimes. Throughout this time, the media has been awash with sad stories of gang victims. Gang crime account for more than half of all homicides reported in U.S large cities (Egley and Howell, 2012). While the gang problem may not be necessarily a new issue the chilling figures and other social economic consequences call for concerted effort to address gang-related crime. Read More

Criminal Law

The fundamentals of a crime are contained in the English criminal law. Criminal activities are considered to be offences which are in violation of the public law such as murder and theft. A person is considered to have committed a crime in case the person was doing a guilty act and had a guilty mind.Legally, a principal is usually accompanied by a guilty mind in committing the guilty act Crimes are categorized as common law offences or statutory. The case of R V Mohan (1975) helps to describe the elements of a crime. Read More