Cookie Policy

Understanding cookies

Cookies is a word we use to refer to a pack of data received by the computer and sent back without any alterations to it. It is a pack of information. The website sends a cookie to your computer for every visit you make on the website. The cookie gets stored inside a file in your web browser. The main function of the cookie is to assist the website maintain a record of your activity and visits. Further, it has a significant part in improving the visitors’ user experience on our site.

You can choose to take control over the cookies. You may decide not to save the cookies and instead remove them altogether. However, if cookies are eliminated, the efficiency of our website may drop.

Important cookies for our site

Session cookies: As the name suggest, these cookies are available until such time the browser is open. Their key role is to assist our website remember your previous visits.

Persistent cookies: Contrary to session cookies, these cookies are available longer even after the web browser is closed.

Our cookie management technique:
We use cookies in the order forms. Unfortunately, our services may not be available to you in case you disable cookies.
Some of the reasons we use cookies are:

  • Record a confirmed order
  • Record your login details into the site
  • Ascertain the use of plagiarism tool online
  • Enable an improved user experience
  • Keep a record of your activities with Google analytics
  • Support you adequately with the live chat service
How cookies work: When a visitor pays for our product or service, we restrict using cookies to finishing a transaction.

Your personal data is safe and secure and we do not divulge data to anyone that is not connected with us in processing an order.

Cookie management: We cannot promise the best user experience without cookies being enabled. You can restrict cookies by merely incorporating it in the settings.