Globalization Sample


Globalisation and emerging markets

Human societies made closer contacts worldwide in a gradual and progressive pace. In current times, the global integration dramatically increased and the globalised world swept to the globalisation of economy, geography, politics, laws and the culture. The term ‘globalisation’ reflects several factors of social, economic and political changes in different scenarios. Globalisation has affected the worldwide processes in several ways (Burr &Fischmann, 2008). There are some costs and benefits of going global for a business. Nike is one such internationally established company, which has undergone several processes of globalisation. In this regard, some of the international challenges and concerns that poses obstacles to the success of an organisation with its existence in foreign country, are also an eminent debate of globalisation. Read More

Globalisation and Innovation

Globalisation is considered as one of the main phenomena to which the contemporary societies are confronted. In addition, the phenomenon, for a long time, has affected all aspects of people’s social life in the entire world. According to Hagel and Brown (2006), globalisation is a multi-facet phenomenon. It has largely been associated with the disappearing borders between political, economic, social, as well as, cultural relationships. Furthermore, it has long been identified playing a principal role in the shaping a modern communication and relation between nations and within nations. Being a significant phenomenon throughout the human life, globalisation has been the center of focus by scholars. Read More


The modern world has seen the growth and development of different regions in the world over. The difference comes in the rate of the growth. Much as there is a collective responsibility in the regional growth, several individuals seem to be the ones calling the shots and affecting the growth altogether. Read More