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American Literature

Mark Twain: Ernest, I am glad we are having this dinner. We have so much in common and yet we have never really had a one on one conversation before (with a smile on his face).
Ernest Hemingway: That is very true. I am pleased to share this evening with you Mark. I admire your work and your contribution to American literature. In fact, I think it is taken American literature to new heights. Read More

Striking the balance between newsworthy and individual privacy

The media has always been blamed for invading the privacy of individuals. Notably, the media fraternity can sometimes expose the lives of people mercilessly. It lays bare their private lives for all and sundry to see, thereby causing unwanted attention. There has always been an issue with regard to delineating the limits of informing the people about what they deem as newsworthy, and intrusion of privacy. The essence of news is believed to be informative and giving the citizens of a free society informed news that is newsworthy. Read More

Great Expectations

Great Expectations, a novel by Charles Dickens, depicts the growth and personal evolution of an orphan named Philip Pirrip, referred to as Pip in the text. The novel was published in a serial form, in three volumes in 1860-61. Apart from the important themes of crime, social class, ambition, expectation and love, one significant theme that Dickens explores in his novel is the bourgeois family – and the tacit role that a woman needs to play in a bourgeois society to string her family together. What Dickens is also telling his readers is that if a woman fails to adhere to this role; she will be penalised – tamed by the men in the family. Dickens portrays the Victorian ideology – the male members are the symbols of authority in a family. Read More

I Am Of Irelaunde

Juliene Osborne-McKnight’s love for Irish history and Irish historical fantasy shines through her novel I Am Of Irelaunde. She continues her exploration of the Irish history in Daughter of Ireland, combining fine historical research with skillful storytelling in her texts. After meticulous research, she skillfully interweaves documented history with Celtic myths and legends. In Donna Scanlon's words, “In true storyteller tradition, Osborne-McKnight takes the old stories and sources and makes them her own.” Read More

Literary Masterpieces

Literary masterpieces are beautifully and elegantly written timeless proses. A literary masterpiece should be composed in such a way that the reader should be able to envision him / her either as the author or the protagonist or antagonist of the book and should be able to experience what he is reading.
I expect literary masterpieces to describe and depict its atmosphere as precisely and realistically as possible, so that readers can vividly picturize the scene. This precision in recreating can be obtained only by researching how that area was in that era and how its inhabitants lived.  The authors of literary masterpieces are often well-travelled and well-read people. Read More

A Romantic Heart

Emotions are a major determination of the experiences which individuals come across as human beings. Through emotional experiences, they get an opportunity to reach their inner self for an understanding of how they could connect with nature which forms a part of their daily experiences, at times accepting to be embraced by pride, a feeling that you are respected, appreciated and above all, admired for individual inherent qualities or even at times also face up rejection of social standards which ar Read More