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Research Methods

A Research Study Critique

The aim of the paper is to give a critique on the article “The role of personal resources in the job demands-resources model” The critique is carried on the sampling, data collection methodology, data analysis methodology, and reporting and interpretation parts of the research paper. Based on the critique, most of these components are articulate, precise, and elaborate. However, some specific recommendations have been made on the areas that need improvements. The weakness and strengths are also given in an elaborate and understandable manner. Several errors and biases have been noted on the different parts and can be improved for better analysis and validation. Generally, the research study is up to the required standard. Read More

Research Methods

Researchers have different assumptions and perceptions of how the world can be known and how we can come to better understand it. This difference in assumptions and perceptions coupled with matters of epistemology and ontology form the basis on which the research philosophies are formulated. Epistemology, in the philosophy of science is the term used to describe the most acceptable way of seeking knowledge (Easterby-Smith, Thorpe and Jackson 2008). Basically the term epistemology means the ground, the theory or the science of knowledge extending to the assumptions that must be made in order to understand the real knowledge plus the parameters that must be attained to certify the said knowledge as real (Blake 1993; Chia 2002). Closely related to this term of epistemology is the ontology which describes the researcher’s assumption or perception of the reality. Read More