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Business Reports and Plan

Business Plan: - Pain Management Clinic

Rapid growth has been witnessed in the field of pain management in recent times. This field is not restricted to anaesthesiology and pharmacology today; rather advancements have come with varying techniques. Some unique factors that have shaped this industry are the addition of rehabilitation, physiotherapy, psychotherapy, masseuse, yoga, message, and counselling, which have added variation in this multidisciplinary field by bringing evolution. Pain can influence a normal living of people and their quality of life in multiple ways, be their daily life or professional working times. It also drastically influences their financials. Alter Clinic is one of the appropriate choices for such people, where we will provide wide ranging methods of pain management. The objective of Alter Clinic is to bring healthy ways of living by avoidance of reliance on drugs, instead, using alternative means like physical therapy, message, and counselling. Alter Clinic works on the mission of bringing healthy living for people in affordable prices. Thus, promotion of health is the major factor that is focused by Alter Clinic. As a start-up business, sound and effective management plan is very critical for the clinic. For this purpose, marketing, financial and management planning has been developed. Besides, marketing analysis and trends of current markets have been examined so that the opportunities and threats could be examined. Read More

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The business, named Health Living Business will import and sell healthy living products. The manual wheatgrass juicer is the first product that will be imported and sold by the business. More products will be provided depending on the findings of the market research that will be conducted. The manual juicers are new products that are light and can be used for most leafy vegetables and grass. There is a demand for products such as that the shift from the mainstream centrifugal juicers that are not efficient and cannot be used for all fruit types. The financial resources needed for the business is £ 7000, of which 2000 will be loaned from friends. Local posters and local shows near supermarkets will be organised to show people the new products. Also, pamphlets will be printed and distributed in the supermarkets and other retailers where customers be issued with them. Read More

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The incentive theory of motivation argues that employees are motivated because of the external rewards they receive. This includes such things as monetary rewards. Fredrick Herzberg came up with the two-factor theory of motivation. According to Fredrick, there are two main factors in an organization that lead to job satisfaction. He referred to the factors as hygienic factors and motivational factors. The hygienic factors are responsible for creating short term changes with respect to job attitudes and performance. On the other hand, satisfiers commonly referred to as motivators, helps to increase inter-personal relationships within the organization(Hansen, 2010, p. 45).

Examples of hygienic factors include favourable company policy, good working conditions and fair remuneration. Hygienic factors do not necessary lead to job satisfaction. However, absence of such factors may create job dissatisfaction. The motivators include recognition and achievement, rewards, responsibility, opportunities for growth and advancement. This implies that effective incentives and rewards would increase the level of job satisfaction among the employees. It is important for companies to develop effective remuneration policy for its employees. This will help to minimize the rate of staff turnover due to job dissatisfaction. Read More

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The report explores the possibility of CATEXHAUST Gmbh venturing into the Brazilian Market to supply Volkswagen do Brasil Ltda with catalytic exhausts. A market analysis of Brazil is undertaken which involves the country’s population, trends in economic growth, culture, and the possible expansion of the vehicle manufacturing industry. The report findings reveal that Brazil is a developing and emerging economy with a huge population that offers a ready market for catalytic exhausts. It has also been established that Brazil has a totally different culture from Germany. The Brazilian government has set aside a huge amount of its budget for the vehicle development stimulus fund that is aimed at boosting the vehicle production industry. The report recommends that CATEXHAUST Gmbh should proceed with the investment. However, the company needs to invest in international culture training to avoid culture shock. Read More