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Arbitrage Opportunities in STIR Futures

Trading using the short term interest rates futures (STIRs) offers arbitrage opportunities to traders in financial markets. In the current research study, trading spreads will be used to explore the viability of the problem statement in reference to the STIR futures. This will be supplemented by research on the correlation and behaviour of different STIR spreads such as the b3 month Euribor, 3m Euro-Schatz futures and the TED-spread (the treasury/ Eurodollar spreads) in different phases of world economy. The phases that will be used in this particular research study are the period before subprime crisis, after subprime crisis and during the European sovereign debt crisis. Read More

Employee performance improvement in modern workplace

Over the years, the workplace has undergone massive transformation to become more dynamic than ever before. At the same time, the needs of employees have increased tremendously as many organizations have been on the forefront to ensure that they make profits and remaining competitive in the market. If at all the workforce is to deliver as expected, it has to operate in an environment that is friendly and one which allows for the development of the employee as well as the organization. This can be achieved through better methods that captivate employees to increase their production. The significance of the current research study is that it will give an outlook on what happens in organizations, what organization management should do, and how this can be done to improve the performance of employees in the modern workplace. The aim of the research projection is to explore the different methods that are used to improve the performance level an index of an employee working in a modern workplace. Read More

To what extent does personality predict employee performance? How do personality traits translate into individual's professional career?

In the last several decades, personality has played a leading role in the study of employee selection and performance. This optimism, to a large extent , is attributed to the Five Factor Model, a comprehensive and empirical model of personality. We can analyse employee personality with respect to the magnitude of consistency in modes of affect, cognition, and behaviour. The Five Factor Model is made up of five diverse elements that encapsulate nearly all the human personalities. Read More

Ethics :Insider Trading

Insider TradingName:Instructor:Course:Date:Ethics: Insider TradingThere are strong opinions both in support and against legalization of insider trading. From one perspective, insider trading is seen as an efficient economic means that serve both the interest of shareholders and promotes economic growth. On the other side, insider trading is seen as an inherently immoral practice that thrives on theft of information and information advantage (Ma and Sun 1998). There are different theoretical frameworks to explain these differing views.From the utilitarian perspective, an action is morally good if it yields the greatest good to the greatest number of people. Economist who prescribes to this... Read More