Political Science Samples

Political Science

American Federal System and Unitary Systems of Government

This essay enables an insight into the differences between the American Federal System and Unitary Systems of government and the balance of power between the state and federal government Read More


This essay helps understand the theories that have been put forward to understand democratization. Read More

America The World Police

This essay explores the US constant involvement in foreign countries' affairs, as the world police. This paper provides supportive and convincing arguments against the need for America Read More

Democratic State Formation in Africa

This article explores the challenges of democratic state formation in Africa. Read More

American Civil Rights Movement

The emancipation of American slaves occurred after the Civil War, and they were granted basic civil rights courtesy of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth amendments to the Constitution of the United States. Read More

Russia is neither a partner nor an enemy, but it is a problem-Discussion

The paper discusses Russia's role in global geopolitics and aims to gain insights into Russia's conflict with the West. Read More

Why are Some American Presidents More Successful than Others?

The essay studies whether the success and failure of a president are related to his/her character and political skills or whether are they also influenced by the surrounding political circumstances. Read More

UK Tourist Report

The report explains the impact of the UK's decision on the withdrawal from EU on UK tourism. Read More


The paper explores UN treaty bodies and their limitations. Read More