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Amniocentesis is the prenatal diagnostic tool used to detect genetic or chromosomal anomalies in the fetus. The procedure is performed between the 15th to 20th week of pregnancy. In amniocentesis or Amniotic Fluid Test(AFT), a needle is inserted into the amniotic sac, through the uterus and the abdominal walls of the mother. This amniotic sac, containing the amniotic fluid is rich in fetal tissues. About 20ml of this fluid is withdrawn and the cells are cultured and studied to check for genetic abnormalities. Read More

The Clinical and Functional Effects of Common Eye Conditions

More than a quarter of Americans aged 75 or above have some signs of ARMD, and 6%-8% are in the advanced stages associated with severe vision loss, although no one goes completely blind from macular degeneration. Early warning signs include difficulty reading and driving; an increased reliance on very bright light; and, most distinctively, a blurry spot in the middle of the field of vision, which may gradually expand. One sign of a more serious form of the disease is that straight lines like door edges become distorted and look wavy.(Delcourt, 12-17) Read More

Literature review on awareness of testicular cancer among young adults

Testicular cancer develops in the tissues of either one or both the testicles in men. Testicles are the male reproductive glands and are located in the scrotum (ADAM Medical Encyclopedia, 2011). Men between the age groups of 15 and 35 are found to be more prone to this disease. Though it is more common among young or middle-aged men (National Cancer Institute, 2012), its incidence in older men and younger boys cannot be ruled out. Around 8,000 men are diagnosed with testicular cancer each year in the United States and around 2,000 each year in UK (Cancer Research UK, 2009). Studies also suggest that Caucasian men are at a larger risk of developing testicular cancer. Testicular cancer is one of the few topics that are rarely talked about. Every hour a man is diagnosed with testicular cancer (Testicular Cancer Awareness foundation, 2009). This could be avoided to a large extend if proper awareness is created among men especially young adults. This review is an attempt to understand the degree of awareness that is present and identify ways to improve awareness among young adults. Read More

Blind Spot

Ethical blind-spots are defined as the lack of understanding of ethical issues. This is a common occurrence especially because people tend to think they always stand up for what they believe in and have strong principles, but most of the time, they are unable to do so. Some common everyday instances of ethical blind spots include selling defective merchandise to corruption in different industries. Lawyers, in the court of law, come across such situations, where it is essential to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of their clients, and at the same time, are to follow highest standards of ethics. Read More

Fast Food and Personal Responsibility

Fast Food and Personal Responsibility written by Ninos P. Malek is an interesting article describing a law suit filed by attorney Samuel Hirsch against McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, and KFC on behalf of his client who believes these corporations are responsible for his ill health. According to the author, Hirsch also claims that these companies give no information related to the nutrition on the products they sell. Hirsch also made his movement sound like a movement for the common man so as to garner maximum support. Read More

US Health Care Reforms

According to Woodside &McClam, (2011), the phenomenon of health care is fundamental to all Americans. Americans need access to perfect heath care regardless of their race or status in society. The existence of this health Act appears to address thisissue. Ethics in the health care department of US are equally fundamental because they provide guidance when political conflicts arise. Diverse political consequences that affect the issue of ethics in health care are multifaceted. This implies that there the creation of any political policy on health should focus on the impact of the same policies to all Americans. Reforms in the Public Health Act will save several Americans from experiencing the political consequences that come with the implementation of the policy. Read More