Privacy Policy

We value your privacy immensely. To understand the complete range of upgraded security choices it is important to understand how our online processes function. We will also address your preferences with respect to collection and use of your personal data. To find this information, you need to go to our home page. This information will also be available in all the areas that need exclusive information of individuals.

Tertiary group market seller, Google, uses all of our cookie details to deliver ads for this website. With dart cookies, Google assists in sending advertisements to visitors of the site as well as to other sites. The method to keep in touch with customers using dart cookies, is governed by the personal privacy polices of Google.

Incase, other third party advertisement systems or servers employ cookies to follow actions of clients on this site, perhaps to check the benefits of advertisements or for other reasons, this can be found in distinct privacy policies. myinstantessay.com does not have the authority over the cookies used by third party advertisers.

All credit card transactions are extremely safe as they pass through a secure server. The data collected during the transactions is deleted once the transaction is over.

At myinstantessay.com, we use the latest technology to protect data. This has a double benefit of helping us maintain accurate data. However, in the event of any fraudulent credit card transactions especially due to fake credit card, the information regarding the dubious transaction is sent to the authorities immediately.

Processing individual data
When you visit myinstantessay.com, your IP address, date and time of visit is recorded. This will help us effectively manage the website, keep track of the activities of the client and alongside store a great deal of data pertaining to demographics. This information is required to evaluate future developments to the site, and will be handy during modification. Further, the IP address stored on our site is not connected to any classified or private information about the individuals.

Other website links
To ensure our site is useful, we have provided more references and links to other sites. Bear in mind that we do not govern their individual privacy policy and therefore we cannot be held accountable for it. It is imperative for you to know that their privacy policies can be vastly different from ours. It is therefore important for you do conduct your own checks for your safety.

* Amendments to the Privacy Policy
We may choose to make amendments to the privacy policy at any time we deem fit. To keep abreast about likely changes to this document, it is good to make periodical visits to our site.