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Culture diversity in US

Culture is that complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, law, morals, custom, and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society. It refers to certain unique characteristics that are created by people to deal with or face the problems and limitations in their natural environment. Most American's view cultural diversity as the existence of various racial groups or various ethnic groups. Race refers to grouping of people based on similar physical characteristics which often is “color” and ethnic groups are formed of people sharing same regional origins, common language etc. Ethnic awareness can result in a united country but also, if pushed beyond limits can shatter the unity of the society. Read More

Cultural Segregation of African Americans in America

The history of colour segregation in the United States stretches far beyond the 18th century when the African American resistance against this practice became widespread. Historical recordings of racism in the United States confirm that segregation against African Americans was characterised with so much violence and brutality that led to suffering and deaths of many of the victims. It is also noted that nowhere around the globe was racism prevalent and long-lasting than in the United States. However, the prevalence of racism against the African American in the United States was not overlooked by the victims. African Americans and their leaders eventually came and stood up against this practice. This resistance saw authors and film makers write books and create films that highlighted the plight of African Americans during the era of colour segregation. Movies such as D.W. Read More

Cultural and Organization: Google Inc

Google Inc. is a multinational corporation that provides an internet search engine facility, advertising services and cloud computing technologies. The company also develops and hosts a variety of online products and services (Shipman, 2010). Online advertising provides the major source of income for the company. Google Inc was founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page (Manjoo, 2013). Its current headquarters are in California. The company has experienced rapid growth since its inception and as a result it has generated a chain of products, partnerships and acquisitions (Paterson, 2013). Read More

Culture Conflict-USA-Heterosexual versus Homosexual

Heterosexuality versus homosexuality has occupied a central stage in American’s cultural war. According to Hall (2006) the homosexuals push for same-sex union to be recognized as marriage has created a “cultural anxiety” in United States. Those who believe that heterosexual is the only straight marriage have created a spirited campaign, but the swift gain in favor of same sex union is pointing to a conforming society. Anti-homosexuality campaigners believe that sexual orientation towards the opposite sex is the only appropriate and straight way of engagement. To them, homosexuality is inappropriate and an act of perversion. It negates the very essence of marriage which is fidelity of love and procreation. On this war, the American public is split between those who support homosexuality and those who are intolerant to others sexual orientation. While in most cases the public opinion towards ones sexual orientation is often classified as liberal or conservative, research has shown that there are some more underlying factors influencing Americans cultural attitude towards same sex marriages. One of these factors is the ethnic background. Read More