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“Website” means myinstantessay.com

“You”, “Yours” or “Customer” denotes you and any other individual who places an order on the website on your account

“We”, “Company” or “Our” denotes myinstantessay.com

“Product” denotes document, essay or a customised paper processed and sent to the customer as per their order request

“Order” denotes a written order submitted electronically by the customer to our website. All necessary customer specifications, scope of work and instructions to the writer pertaining to this order are mentioned in the order.

Our Services

Please note that when you place an order or make a payment, you have purchased the product or service for your own personal benefit. Our freelance writers create the products after which the rights of ownership are passed on to the organisation. It is important to read and understand the Terms and Conditions and FAQ pages before you take the decision to submit your order and pay for it.

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Zero tolerance for Plagiarism

The company reserves the decision to terminate any contract, arrangement or agreement with any person who tries to submit plagiarised products as original work.

You also agree to maintain confidentiality about any product delivered or distributed. You will also comply if the company suspects that any product delivered, is used by the customer in a plagiarised form. The company is at will to refuse all future assignments or service to this customer.

Customers are not permitted to use their names on our products. Our company provides custom samples meant only for research purposes. This should not be used as a substitute for writing. However, it can be used as a sample paper to aid learning.

Our organisation discourages any sort of academic fraud or plagiarism. We adhere to all the laws of copyright and we do not make any deliberate attempts at flouting the copyright laws. The organisation, partners and affiliates cannot be held accountable for illegal, wrong and unethical use of our product and forms on the website. The punishment for academic fraud is serious and can mean loss of awards, scholarships, academic probation, plagiarism, and expulsion. Customers should be held accountable with disciplinary action they will likely face due to unethical or improper use of material.

Links Disclaimer

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When you agree to the terms and conditions specified here, it means you are agreeable to linking up with other sites and you are aware of the risks.

Privacy & Security

For complete details regarding our organisations, privacy practices, please read up our Privacy Statement published on this website.


When you confirm an order, you agree that you comply with the following:
1. Our services are focussed on research and are aimed at writing academic papers with complete citations. Whatever information is provided in the essays is well cited.

2. You completely agree that this website receives its payment for the services it offers – researching information, compiling and presenting the material for academic purposes. This involves time and effort.

3. Although you are permitted to keep few copies of the essay for personal records, you cannot reproduce or distribute the essay without obtaining permission from the organisation.

4. Freelance writers convey the rights of ownership of all products to the organisation, its partners and affiliates.

5. You will also eliminate all products delivered using any reference material. You will not engage in distribution of copies or extracts without the right citation.

6. You will acknowledge every emailed advertising information, pertaining to contests or competitive events organised by the company. You can also choose to stop receiving such information by unsubscribing via the e-mail marketing distributor.


You agree that the organisation reserves the right to make any changes to these Terms and Conditions at any time. To keep abreast of the changes, customers are advised to periodically go through the Terms and Conditions.