Compare And Contrast Sample

Compare And Contrast

Compare and contrast two articles

The research carried out about Whalers and Whaling nations, it is clearly shown on how they reacted to the global environment discussing major challenges caused by the anti-whaling campaigns. From the study, two different arguments have emerged about the discourse since they accommodate them after the explanation the adversaries in relation with the foreign meetings meant to govern and regulate the operations of Whaling. More information has been presented concerning the whales stock unit.

The articles to be compared and contrasted are “ The missing piece A water Ethic” and “The private water saves lives” whereby both articles addresses issues concerning the consumption of water by the people. From the article of private water saves lives, the focus is on poor people who cannot access water since most of them live in remote areas. This contributed lot to poverty, spread of waterborne diseases and increased rate of death. This is different from what happens globally whereby people can easily access water without any shortage. Read More

Compare and contrast: Abstract

The choice to purchase desired products and services from companies should always be left with consumers. However, some companies’ actions limit competition from others and enhance their monopoly in the market place. They tend to engage in bizarre business practices that aimat scaring away their potential competitors.In order to stop this trend, the government has since formulated appropriate laws and regulations to prevent such companies from gaining full control of the market. One such law is the antitrust lawthat was formulated in the 1890s to protect consumers by encouraging competition. This paper investigates two companies that breached the antitrust laws. The first company is the Time Warner Cable that is responsible for offering online video streaming services to its customers while the second is the Daiichi Ranbaxy Company that is a result of the merger between India’s Ranbaxy and Japan’s Sankyo. Read More

Comparison of slavery

The two political philosophers had different conclusion on various subjects. Their beliefswere influenced by their assumptions on societal context and development. It is ontheir perceptions that several governments based their creed and principles. The two disagreed on slavery where John Locke defended the practice of slavery, even to the full extent of hereditary slavery while Rousseau defended freedom as being a basic human necessity (Locke & Wood, 2006, pg 76).

Although Aristotle is also quoted as supporting slavery, Rousseau finds issues with natural slavery which he explains in supporting the right to freedom for all people. The very statement was opposed by Rousseau, which according to him meant man is born a slave and not a free man (Rousseau, pg. 74). Read More