Terrorism Sample


Can States be Terrorists?

This essay will talk about the much debated subject if a state can be a terrorist. Are terrorist activities only carried out by factional groups or can they be carried out by the state as well? Why states resort to terrorism, types of state terrorism and how states can control factional terrorism without themselves resorting to terrorist activities are a few points that the essay will address, supported by references to case studies. Read More

Questions on terrorism

Aviation, border surface transport, maritime, cyber and food supply chain have a commonality being borderless and are more prone to attack by terrorists. They present opportunities for countries to interact and terrorists may use this as a loophole to carry out their terrorist activities. The three travelling modes have been used in the past by terrorists to harm unsuspecting citizens through their agendas. The UN identifies this and criminalises any attempt to use cyber or aviation to hijack aeroplanes to carry out terrorism activities. Read More

Terrorist Groups

Terrorism is a major subject that has attracted many authors with an intention to give a brief idea on what terrorism is, its effects and the groups that form it, among other relevant subjects like the effects and threat analysis that are brought forth by terrorism. Homeland Security and Terrorism is a book written to cover wider aspects of terrorism. The basic overview presented in this book is the cause and the best way to deal with terrorism. It also reflects the historical background information that was witnessed during the Cold War. The book defines threat as a warning that is posed by the available information creating uncertainty of the subject area (Sauter, 2005). On this area, the book creates a picture by which terror groups pose to the targeted nation, hence creating an option of defending their territory as well as pursuing the threat itself. To analyze the threat, the author has cited various techniques and methods that will basically help the security and the civilians on the best way to curb the vice. Read More