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Business Management


Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Theory talks about employee motivation and the different tactics used by business organizations to satisfy their biological and physiological needs. Read More

Disruptive Technology

Disruptive Technology is technological innovations that displace existing technologies of a business organization, market, or industry and creates new market opportunities and sustainable growth Read More

Business Ethics Learning Activities

The paper is an analysis of ethical issues and concepts of employee rights and employer Read More

Irish Firms Abroad - Case Study

A comparative study of the performance of Irish Firms abroad. The essay examines the different cultural issues significant for the competitive advantage, growth, and success of Irish Firms in the international market. Read More

Apple's Global Strategy

The success of the company in the global business is attributed to the design and implementation of a winning global business strategy which is based on an understanding of the changing nature of global business. Read More

Cross Cultural Case Study : Walmart in Germany

This essay presents a critical evaluation and analysis of Walmart Read More

Business Ethics

Business ethics are moral guidelines or a code of ethics that set down principles on how an organization should behave towards its employees, customers, or other stakeholders for the overall benefit of society. Read More

Organisational Change and Job Security in Pharmaco - Case Study

Case study on Pharmaco: The essay explores the importance of job security, employee motivation, and organizational changes that has a direct impact on employee performance and business turnover. Read More

Total Quality Management

In this case study, the author discusses the effective implementation of TQM within Walt Disney. The article shows that TQM can be implemented when employees share values related to the achievement of the highest quality standards in the production processes and delivery of services to customers. Read More

Quality Function Deployment

This paper shows the manner in which bulgogi (Korean beef barbeque) is made following the Quality Function Deployment process, in order to meet the requirements of customers in the United States. Read More

Review of Business Ethics

Review of Business Ethics: The article illustrates the ethical concerns in the processing of Big Data and how it can invade the privacy of employees, customers, and the general public. Read More

Doing Business in China

This essay takes the example of Huwaei Technologies to critically analyze how to enter China technology market and which measures need to be taken to be successful in the market. Read More

Key Issues of Corporate Responsibility

There is a big difference between corporate social responsibility (CSR) and corporate social investment (CSI). This essay brings more clarity concerning the concept of CSR with examples. Read More

Outsourcing Business Analytics

The research paper outlines the importance of outsourcing analytics in businesses. It helps in reducing costs, improve service, and accessibility of human capital in the organization. Read More

Placement Report - Abu Dhabi Capital Management

The following is a placement report on the role of a private equity manager at Abu Dhabi Capital Management (ADCM). Read More

Individual Consultancy Report

The Individual Consultancy Report based on Individualism Clothing Line explains the seven-stage model of consultancy. Read More

Individual Consultancy Report

This section of the paper discusses the different features of consultancy theory like teamwork, conflicts at the workplace and problem solving, project management, ethical issues, etc. Read More

Managing Organizational Stress

The paper explores the positive and negative impacts of organizational stress and tools and ways to assess and manage stress. Read More

Ethics in Game Development

Gaming requires due diligence of fairness of the game so that it is inclusive of all cultures. It is even more demanding given that the games are available online and developers cannot predetermine who will play them. Read More

Research Ethics

A case study in the need for ethical research and maintaining integrity in the collection of data so that the research is not compromised and does not generate incorrect conclusions. Read More

Developing and Managing Performance

Developing and managing performances is one of the fundamental aspects of improving an organization's performance and workforce productivity. Read More

The Importance of a Trade Union of today

The paper discusses the importance of trade unions in society with respect to the UK and the USA. Read More

Entrepreneurial Essay

The essay explores the role of entrepreneurship in the hospitality industry. Read More

BMW Annual Report: Decision Making

Case study on the BMW Group that analyses the concept of "decision-making" in an organization. Read More


PESTEL Analysis on TESCO includes 6 major macro-level components that affect the company's business decisions. Read More


Self-evaluation analysis on time management skills. Read More


A brief analysis of the business organization structure of Walt Disney. Read More

Case Analysis - Business Management

A case study on strategic management to implement and achieve the primary goals of a business. Read More

Financial Decision-Making in the Tourism and Travel Industry; The Ultimate Travel Company

The essay entails the financial decision-making process of the Ultimate Travel Company that operates in the UK tourism industry. Read More


The paper illustrates "Porter's five forces" model that assesses the market or an industry to measure its profitability and competitive intensity. Read More

Assessment One

The following paper underlines the mission statement that highlights the objectives and purposes of an organisation. Read More

Strategy and Competition

The essay seeks to contemplate the entry of a business firm into a new market and analyze how the implementation of "game theory" can provide economic stability. Read More