Literacy Masterpieces

Literary masterpiecesare beautifully and elegantly written timeless proses. A literary masterpiece should be composed in such a way that the reader should be able to envision him / her either as the author or the protagonist or antagonist of the book and should be able to experience what he is reading.

I expect literary masterpieces to describe and depict its atmosphere as precisely and realistically as possible, so that readers can vividly picturize the scene. This precision in recreating can be obtained only by researching how that area was in that era and how its inhabitants lived. The authors of literary masterpieces are often well-travelled and well-read people. Literary masterpieces portray characters and character traits that readers can easily relate with. The themes in literary masterpieces are universal and are meant to improve moral values and make human beings better by leaving an everlasting impact on the reader’s minds.A literary masterpiece should be artistic in order for it to appeal to the readers. It should have intellectual values to stimulate thought and enrich peoples’ mental capabilities in matters that surround life in broader aspects. Emotional appeal is one of the most important elements that a literary masterpiece should posses. Literary masterpiecestouch human feelings, making people experience stimulation and visions that are way above ordinary life.The ability to appeal to many people enables the art to stand the test of time. These masterpieces stay popular even after the demise of the author. I expect masterpieces to be not just beautiful but breath-taking as well. They should be exciting and enjoyable. Magnificent prose, use of phrases and interesting metaphors make masterpieces nothing less than a piece of art.

Hitherto, I was reluctant to read literary masterpieces as I was prejudiced that they would have overly strong symbolic characters which would not seem real or mythically delineated characters that I wouldn’t be able to relate to; but this was before I was exposed to masterpieces. After reading a few of them such as Shakespeare’s Ulysses, and Hemmingway’s The Old Man and the Sea, I realized that the characters had a strong Jungian streak to them which made me relate to them. Manolin in The Old Man and the Sea is depicted as the symbolic character that epitomises devout love. The storm in Ulysses denotes King Lear’s fury.

These comparisons eliminated any bias that I had about the excessive use of symbolism and myth in literary masterpieces.It evoked my critical thinking and creativity. Every time I read the book, it brought a fresh inspiration and new meaning to life. I believe it has opened my mind to be able to accept people as they are and has reduced my frigidity.

I believe, the characters outlined in masterpieces should always touch the subconscious mind of man and play on his psyche so that he not only relates to the piece of art but fervently admires it as well.

If literary masterpieces are applied positively in the society, it can have impact. It allows the readers to have a wide perspective and an open mind towards vices like poverty, racism, war etc.Modern literary masterpieces shape how the society looks at different aspects of life. They appeal to all of us despite of our differences in terms of race, occupation, gender, cultural and spiritual beliefs and many more. Its appeal is lasting; the more people read them, the more they get new insights, and meaning life experiences. They provide the society with values that are important aspects of our lives. Due to their timeless prosperity, they enable society to pass down these values from one generation to the next. They in the long run, bring out moral values that make man a better being.

In conclusion, a literary masterpiece is an art that should be embraced by every member of the society since they incorporate moral values and make us better human beings through mental nurture and emotional stimulation. They not only help one develop critical thinking but also work on the core values that one must possess.

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