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Jones After Story

Purpose: To entertain

Specific Purpose: To entertain the audience.


Attention Getter: Jones, who has been the main character in the movie Jones the Drunkard where he was able to portray the true life of a drunkard. This movie also portrays what happens when people refuse to adhere to his advice about being a drunkard. Nevertheless, after the numerous lessons that Jones was taught about being a drunkard he adamantly refuses to adhere them.

Thesis: Jones lived his entire life as an adult, drinking and enjoying himself with many ladies as possible, and this eventually became his hobby and lifestyle. However, at the end of the movie, Jones the Drunkard, he was able to make a complete change of his life, and he stopped drinking. Well, I am now here to tell you about what happened to Jones after the movie.


  1. First we had to conduct some counseling sessions for Jones so that he could return to his normal life.
  2. Then I discovered that indeed Jones had become addicted to his behavior in the movie.
  3. And since Jones was my good friend, I had to advice him that the Jones in the Movie was totally a different person from the Jones in real life.


I.       Jones being the main character in the movie had become a celebrity in an instance and after the movie, he became very popular among many people. All of you remember how humorous Jones was in the movie with his various acts when he was drunk such as sleeping in ditches.

a.       Jones also had an obsession of fluttering any lady he came across while forgetting that he had another lady beside him while he was drunk.

b.      Jones was also obsessed with buying stuff such as clothes, vegetables, and fruits when he was drunk only to realize the following day that the clothes he had bought were all of them torn. In addition, the vegetables and fruits that he had bought were also rotten. Despite all these experiences, Jones religiously continued to buy the torn clothes, thinking they were nice clothes, and he continued to buy the rotten vegetables and fruits only to discover that they were rotten.

c.       Thus, we had to conduct some counseling sessions for Jones so that he could return to his normal life since celebrity status was affecting him. Every place that Jones went after the movie, many people could approach him just to make sure that he was either drunk or sober.

[After counseling Jones for some time, I realized something else about Jones.]

II.                Jones had indeed become addicted to his behavior in the movie.

a.       Apparently, Jones never used to drink before he became the main character in the movie. Due to the little tots of whiskey that Jones partook in the movie, this habit slowly became instilled in him, and he slowly started to drink alcohol.

b.      Jones was also a very shy person who was afraid of approaching ladies. However, in the movie, Jones was exposed to the great opportunity of flirting with many ladies, and this changed Jones gradually.

c.       Jones has nowadays fully emulated the Jones character in the movie and since he is already a celebrity; this status has driven him to other heights he never thought that he would reach in his life.

d.      Jones is currently drinking heavily and flirting with numerous ladies, and this has changed his previous behavior. The only difference is that he never buys clothes, vegetables, and fruits when he is drunk, but he is trying to compete with the drinking behavior of Jones in the movie.

[As a good friend to Jones, I have an obligation to advice him accordingly.]

III.               Jones is a very good friend to me, and I, therefore, have an obligation of advising him that indeed Jones in the Movie is totally a different person from the Jones in real life.

a.       Jones in real life is a weak person since he lacks self-esteem, and he is easily controlled by events and people. Prior to becoming the main character in the movie, Jones was a reserved person and was very shy with ladies. Nevertheless, Jones likes challenging roles, and this is a major factor that led him to agree to the main character role in the movie.

b.      Becoming the main character changed Jones, and he is in a state of confusion between living his previous life or his life in the movie. I had to advice Jones accordingly and he slowly started to change and he eventually saw the reality.

c.       Jones in real life is now a more out-going person, and he quit drinking. He has no issues when socializing with various ladies, and he is currently is a stable relationship.

d.      I guess the advice that I gave to him has yielded noble fruits for Jones.



Review: So I just expounded on the lives of both Jones in the movie as a drunkard and Jones in real life although Jones the drunkard was influencing the other in becoming the same character. People still perceive them as being the same because of the humorous character of Jones in the movie.

Link back to Attention Getter: The movie tells you of Jones, who was a drunkard, but in reality, he quit drinking.

Lasting Impression: Jones character in the movie was nearly a total reflection of a close friend that I knew, who used to be a drunkard although he changed completely. This has been an inspiration to me since I have realized that a change is essential in a person’s life especially having seen my close friend change his drinking habits. My close friend’s experience enabled me to advice Jones accordingly, and he changed. Jones is still a very good friend of mine.       










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