Wireless IR Motion Sensor Development

1. Executive summary

Reliable security systems is what every business owners want to safeguards his property at all time, Matchett A 2003. This has seen many firm investing in sophisticated security systems thanks to technology achievements in many part of the world. Various technologies have been used by security systems manufacturers but our main focus is based on wireless IR motion systems. Unlike other available security systems in the market today, wireless technologies seem viable and reliable to implement security policies. It uses latest technologies innovation to enhance its efficiency. Business owners constantly design surveillance systems to monitor the behavior, activities or any changing information in the company premises for purposes of influencing, managing and also safeguarding the property from intruders. Compared to cabled surveillance cameras, there are several advantages of using a commercial wireless technology enabled devices to safeguard the property. This is fact that an intruder will not realize there are surveillance systems since no wiring has been done to installed devices. On the other, it saves the users substantial cost that would be used to purchase connection wires. In this regards, the company that invests in wireless IR motion system do not incur sophisticated infrastructure but rather acquires a service package with reliability and cost effective frameworks in their security implementation. Therefore considering cabled surveillance systems, the company must factor in the cost of setting up a cabinet network, redundancy and backup procedures as well other devices to enhance its efficiency. However, considering the wireless IR motion devices there have in-built applications contained in one item, easy to use manual and less costing to the users since it requires minimal maintenances. In addition, wireless IR motion systems comes with 9V battery with a lifetime of about nine years and do require power systems thus saves user power bills. It is also compatible with emerging technologies with additional compatible serial ports for expansion. The following are some of specs that are available in the devices. • Motion Sensor Detects Motion and Activates Auto Dialer • 12 Digit Large Number Display with Date/Time • Programmable Security Code, Entry Delay Timing • 5 Emergency landline Telephone Numbers • Pause Key • Battery Low Indicator (Shown in LCD) • Tone Dialing Only • Alarm Chime Switch • Built-In 100 dB Alarm (With Programmable Alarm On/Off) • Adjustable Sensor Head • Test Mode Function • AC Adaptor Operated with 9-volt Battery Backup • Wall Mountable clip In this paper, you will learn how the above device specs workand it come with easy to follow manual.

2. Introduction

Security monitoring is an important factor in keeping any organization or home properties safe from potential intruders as various attacks are on rise. In organization framework, potential threat may occur through both internal and external attacks. For instance an imposter intruder may decide to come in organization premises as potential client but his main target is to spy on the company security arrangements. On the other hand, internal employee’s negligence on property security may pose security threat. Therefore, due to various attacks in home and company premises there is need to keep surveillance.

There are different security systems that can be implemented to improve surveillance thanks to latest innovation enhanced by technology growth. In this paper, you will learn about wireless motion sensor security systems. With latest technology achievement in many part of the world, sophisticated security devices are invented to improve on security polices in various applications. As said the paper, security monitoring is vital and it should be designed and implemented like any other business strategy. The main key in implementing available security innovations is to be proactive rather than reactive Greenstein M, 2002. In awake of increased theft cases, wireless IR motion sensors have gained popularity unlike the cabled surveillance. Different organization and home estates consist of many applications or coverage areas that require a certain level of security policies as well risk assessmentDale F. Cooper. (2005).This would require top management participation in reviewing, developing and implementing set security protocols.

Evidently, many organizations remain profitable and grow by creating and implementing latest security surveillance systems which not only protect premise from potential intruders but also reduce operating cost, J. Orland 2005. Malicious attacks and both internal and external security threats are all major causes of business losses and good cause to maintain effective surveillance. Unlike other security systems, Wireless IR motion sensor combines mixture of latest technology innovation for effectiveness.

2.1. Wireless IR motion sensor security systems

This device comes with motion detectors to protect an area designated by user. With latest technology innovations, motion detectors used in this type of premise surveillance are effective. It has capability of detecting any unexpected moves in the designated areas. Investors should therefore incorporate wireless IR motion sensors to improve surveillance. According to Greenstein M, wireless IR motion detectors can be used in many different ways to prevent potential intruders. Additionally, the motion detectors installed in this type of camera are easy to use and also very inexpensive save company operating expenses. This is because most of motion detectors installed in these devices are battery operated and thus do not require a direct power feed. This saves the user energy expenses compared to systems that require powered generators increasing on power bills. The batteries used in the wireless Motion sensors have increased life of up to nine years. Moreover it is designed in manner that it power up the systems when a movement is detected in the designated area within premises thus saves the battery life. The nine volt battery is designed for backup purposes together with internal flash memory that stores the threat incidence for future reference. In addition the systems have low battery indicators that notify the users they remaining battery life usage. It also comes with high resolution screen for camera with capability of rotating at an angle of 110 degrees. This camera can view an intruder movement while approaching designated area to a distance of about 8-10 meters. This is the distance an infrared sensor can detect. A great advantage with these systems is the fact that it can host several alarms in one control unit which will also saves installation costs. Unlike fixed camera surveillance systems, this security alarm doesn’t require connection wires but rather uses infrared technology.

Moreover, wireless motion sensor contains a built-in sensor chip with capability of storing up to five programmable landline numbers to dial in case an intruders approach the designated area. It is up to the company security policy makers to decide the numbers to be dialed when the alarm detect unwanted movements. For instance the company may decide to install nearby police station landline number and other relevant security personnel. The system alarm can be customized with a voice message that notify the installed numbers a potential threat gas been detected in certain geographical location. Its chime mode technology can be used to in receptions area where the chime will alert the person in charge that a motion has been detected. This feature can be activated during normal working hours to alert the reception when a client is coming in. the alarm sound is environment friendly with powerful 110 decibel enough to scare away an approaching intruders and send an alert to the relevant authority. However the user may decide to disable the alarm siren if one prefers silent alerts where the intruders will not know there is installed surveillance systems.

Compared to manually operated surveillance systems, wireless motion sensors systems are automatically designed models with simple to use manual. For instance a user can arm and disarm the alarm systems with a small keypad dial with customized security codes. Moreover the systems can be configured to determine weather the motion detected is a potential threat. This is enabled by entry and exit delays to prevent false alarm signals alert. This feature is applicable in home and retail shop surveillance where the camera may detect playing children and potential customer coming in the firm premises respectively.

3. How wireless IR motion sensor security systems works


The camera should be mounted on wall in designated area away from physical barrier where the field view will not be interpreted. When the sensor detector is triggered when a motion is detected, it sends a quick response to the control unit and automatically dial the configured numbers and if you have a pre-recorded message should be played when the recipient immediately accepts the incoming alert. For instance you may decide to program the systems with a pre-recorded voice alert like,” This is Riordan company security department, an intruder has been detected in company premises located in XYZ street building number 5154”. The person who answers the call alert should hear the message and appropriate measures taken immediately. You may install the police number, neighbor’s landline and company security personnel cell phone numbers respectively.When all the installed telephone numbers has been received the system is designed to broadcast the signal back to the system control unit or disarm the systems.

Unlike other available security systems in market today, this type of system is designed to offer effective surveillance eliminating false signal alerts and also uses environmentally friendly technologies. This is capable due to the entry and exit delay mode. Moreover, the system is designed to incorporate future technologies since it has up to fifteen additional compatible wireless accessories for expansion.

The alarm is designed to work by means of passive infrared motion sensors which detect a moving body with the designated area as T Igoe 2011 suggests. The alarm 110 Decibel sound automatically activates when any moving body is detected in the coverage area.

Recommendation to investors to acquire the system

In order to have a cost effective systems in your company policy you need to put in some considerations such as storage space, infrastructure and other maintenance procedure such as redundancy. With latest technologies, investing on sophisticated device is essential for enhanced efficiency. This paper has developed device that fit in above requirements since it uses motion sensors covering large area view. The alarm is automatically triggered when a moving body is detected. Its can also be used to control other application such as outside light when a moving object is detected.

It is cost effective in manner that, its cameras are also controlled by motion sensor chip which save owner memory storage space since it will only saves the event when the alarm is triggered. Unlike other systems which will records the entire day event thus too costly in storage space. In addition with motion detector light the user can have reduced power usage saving them in electric bills. The key is to have cost effective systems that is compatible to other applications found within the designated areas.


With the wake of increased crime acts in the world, reliable surveillance systems has gained high demand to safeguard and monitor both indoor and outdoor activities. Business owners has invested in several system and designed security systems policies with aim of protecting their properties from intruders. This paper has developed a wireless IR motion device security unit that uses latest technologies innovation to enhance its efficiency. In this regards, reputable companies invests on projects that would in the end increases their return in revenue growth. The device proposed in the paper, is one of kind and promises investors of reliable and effective security surveillance at reduced cost. The devices as seen, comes with 9V battery that has long life and thus do not incur the user cost in power bills. In addition, the system has 5 programmable landline numbers to alert the recipients when the alarm is triggered. With latest technology achievement in many parts of the world, wireless IR motion has additional compatible serial port for future expansion. With its large field view of about 110 degrees and motion detectors sensor range of up to eight meters this device is ideal to detect approaching intruders.

The key for implementing wireless IR motion systems is to enhance premises surveillance with latest technologies at reduced operating expenses. In consideration to other systems, the company must factor in implementing backups systems in case of power failure, infrastructures run the units, redundancy procedures and cabling engineers to lay down cables. However with wireless systems the company doesn’t need to incur some of these costs.

Successful implementation of these systems in security policies is main target for reputable business owners and with its cost effective projection the company would have saved substantial amount maintenance cost. In addition with rapid growing technologies innovation and communication devices this unit is designed in a manner that it will adapt to future emerging technologies with additional ports for expansion. The camera resolution is good enough to capture clear picture during a crime event, Damjanovki V 1996. In regard to reduced operating cost and reliable surveillance platform offered by wireless IR motion systems investing in such would be ideal and profitable to the company investments strategic plans.


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