JFK – The Movie

Stone’s montage sequence of the JFK assassination is like a Cubist painting since a Cubist painting is one that has hidden meanings and it is impossible to identify its different aspects easily. According to the JFK movie, there is a conspiracy theory that is more than baffling and unbelievable. It is called the magic bullet theory which tries to explain how a single bullet could have left seven wounds on JFK.

Just like the Cubist painting which has different meanings which a person cannot identify just from a single glance, the magic bullet theory is also similar to this painting. Only an in-depth analysis of all the facts regarding the magic bullet theory will unearth that the theory is a conspiracy. A look at the Cubist painting, it becomes difficult to effectively tell what is at the foreground and what is not. This is evident from the painting whereby walls bleed nearly seamlessly into other walls, the same walls bleed into the roofs and the roofs bleed into the walls. Thus, the cubist painting has to be analyzed from all the sides as well as acknowledging the flatness of the picture plane. Additionally, the Cubist painting represents the three-dimensional world in increasingly two-dimensional terms.

The magic bullet theory when combined with the conspiracy theory in the JFK movie, elaborately signifies the Cubist painting whereby one has to analyze the theories from all possible dimensions in order to make a conclusive decision that they are ridiculous and unbelievable. The movements of the magic bullet according to the movie are totally unbelievable even with the government trying to prove that they can efficiently prove it in a physics laboratory. The mysterious way in which the magic bullet finds itself in the hospital is also questionable. The evidence of the 51 witnesses is contradictory to what the magic bullet theory and the conspiracy theory state. Therefore, there is a lot of significance between the JFK movie and the Cubist painting since both have valuable information than meets the eye. A person has to critically analyze both the JFK movie and the Cubist painting in order to discover what they entail.

There are elements which hold JFK together as a unified sequence despite the wild variance of shots and among these elements is the principle of unity. The principle of unity is the main concept that is behind the Cubist painting. The principle of unity shows how different parts of the Cubist painting are built on each other. In the JFK movie, the sequence of events that take place and the valuable evidence of the 51 witnesses ensure that the principle of unity expeditiously outlines a unified sequence. Despite the numerous wild variances of shots, there are a number of elements which effectively hold JFK together. They include the evidence from the 51 witnesses, the unbelievable magic bullet theory, the conspiracy theory, the magic bullet being found in hospital and the gentleman who was injured while standing behind a wall. All these elements combined translate to a unified sequence through the principle of unity.

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