Self Reflection

Self-Reflection: How the relevance of learning gained in an academic year impacts your future

Through different assignments that I had done in my MBA course, helped me in enhancing my knowledge and ability to take better decisions. Assignments that I had done during my course includes various case studies that improve my capacity to resolve the problems in a better way and make effective decisions (Kramar and Syed 2012). During my academic year, I learned about human resource management, and in this paper, I got the opportunity to find out more about the human resource activities, laws, policies, management of human resource and importance of HR manager in the company.

I am very much interested in pursuing my career in human resource, and I believe all the learning that I have gained will support me in my future or my future career. I have analyzed that my decisions are influenced by my knowledge about management and now I can easily handle different situations and can quickly resolve the conflicting situations. My course had helped me understanding various aspects of management in a better way (Pelayo and Verónica 2015). Now I am much interested in working in groups, as this could support in taking better decisions, as all the members of the group can come up with new ideas. But the challenging part is to maintain coordination among the team member. My course on Human Resource Management is helpful in making me learn the different techniques to build cooperation and coordination among team members (Pelayo and Verónica 2015).

While applying for the job, I always see my role and responsibilities, prospects of growth in my career and whether I will get the opportunity to learn or not.  I aim to become an HR manager in the multinational organization, and that’s the reason I opted for HR management course so that I could learn about the HR activities, job role and responsibilities, policies and how the way HR takes decisions. It’s not easy to manage the Human Resource of the company, and that’s the reason different HR policies are formulated that support in the proper management of HR in the enterprise (Holmqvist and Spicer 2013).

I have learned that to be an HR manager, individual skills and knowledge need to be acquired. The first skill that is required is the communication skill. The way we interact with other speaks at the lot and being an HR manager, it will be my responsibility to communicate proper with employees and provide them with adequate information and policies of the company. Another skill relates to management competencies (Holmqvist and Spicer 2013). It is necessary for the HR personnel to learn about the job analysis, policies of the company, recruitment process, and selection of human resource in the enterprise.

Management skill is very significant as it helps in manage the business, and selected right and qualified talent. Management skills also help in proper organizing, analysing, enhancing and assessing the business dynamics (Holmqvist and Spicer 2013). I believe that being an efficient personnel; it will require that I focus on problem-solving skills, decision-making skills, appraisal skills, and ethical management skills in the company. I believe that my learning about HR management will support me in my future career, and I feel that I would be able to manage the employees in the company properly by resolving their issues and come with new initiatives that will improve the workplace environment.

There are two real job role descriptions related to Human Resource Management:

HR Generalist- Their primary job role is to manage the day to day operations of the HR officer. They are involved in running the administration of HR policies, programs and procedures. They are also responsible for carrying out the functional areas such as Human resource information systems, departmental development, compensation, training and development, employment, organizational development as well as employee’s relations (Pelayo and Verónica 2015). HR Generalist at Tesco is responsible for formulating the recruiting and staffing policies, organizational development, and compliance with regulatory concern as well as reporting, and conducting the employee orientation (Pelayo and Verónica 2015).

HR Manager- HR manager tries to guide as well as manages the complete provision of HR services, programs, and policies of the company that exists within the mid-sized and small business. HR manager at IBM is responsible towards recruiting and staffing; planning for the organizational department, formulate performance management and improvement systems (Pelayo and Verónica 2015). They also conduct another task like an employee onboarding, needs assessment, development, and training of employees. They also develop the policies and work on documentation.


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