Strategic Planning for Digital Marketing Communications


FYFO stands for “fuel your fashion online”. This is an online retailer based in Norwich, London and specializes in selling clothes, handbags, footwear, and other accessories (Martin & Monica 2011). It is a family owned business whose existence has been supplemented by the Miss shoes, another small owned and run business. The company was founded after Miss Shoes become “a leading footwear player on eBay and Amazon” (Martin & Monica 2011).


a. Challenges

Based on the company’s website, its vision is to “become one of the UK’s favorite online fashion retailers” (Martin & Monica 2011).). However, the company faces competition from the already existing online companies like the Miss Shoes, among others.

Prioritized challenges

Based on the analysis the most prioritized challenges which require immediate addressing are 1, 3, 5, 7, and 10. This is because they affect the organization directly and can affect the sales, profitability, market share and loyalty of the consumers in not given an immediate address.


Based on the prioritized challenges facing the organization, the following new marketing communications objectives have been identified. The marketing communication objectives are to be met during the next financial year (12 months). They are:-

  • Designing a marketing mix that has the capacity to plant the brand image in consumers’ minds on social web.
  • Come up with pricing strategies and prices that meet the demands of the online consumers and attract 50% of new consumers in the next 5 months
  • Convert 85% of internet users and those who visit the FYFO website into customers in 4 months and retain them in next 2 months.
  • Keep updating the website and social web sites on a daily basis to ensure 100% transparency and consistency.
  • Offers easily accessible online platform that allows consumer access the site in less than 25 seconds in the next one month. This would double the number of consumers in the rest of 11 months.


a. Critiques

Website: FYFO operates a website that has useful content like the several brands and their respective prices. The brands are well elaborated in pictorial form although some aspects are not supported by the given marketing strategies

  • The website lacks a customer database to integrate and track consumers.
  • It is hard to access through hand held gadgets like smartphones
  • The site requires a longer process of more than 25 seconds
  • Market segments are not well elaborated.

Search engine optimization

The company has installed optimization of its company in search engines like Google. Upon the key in of the initials “FYFO” the site of the company and connection to Facebook and twitter sites appears immediately. However, there some generic upgrading that need to be established to make it user friendly as consumers need fast appearances upon key in of any related. For example, upon the type of comparison between FYFO and others online retailers there are no related results. The company need to optimize on the available search engines and allow easy access to data and information that may of interest like price comparisons, directory listings, and ratings.

Social Web

FYFO has well developed social media network sites that connect consumers, products, and the company. The social networks applied are FaceBook and twitter. However, the sites are not that famous. For example, facebook has less that 1000 socials friends that like the site worldwide and just over 200 twitter followers all over the world, other observations made

  • Twitter and facebook posts are not done on a daily basis.
  • Lacks monitoring and measurement tools.
  • The various products available on the social networks are not priced
  • The social networks platforms have less discussion on the brands and products.
  • Social networks do not offer products discussion platform

Email/ text messages

The company runs promotional campaigns and develops a tracking management to keep in touch with consumers. SMS are occasionally sent to consumers on new offers. FYFO has developed a site that requests its consumers to give their phones number for messaging and email address for giving newsletters. Probably the newsletters have price lists, promotions, and upcoming events. The SMS internet messaging tools and the emails are typically meant to keep the consumers and visitors acquainted with new changes. However, hypothetically little measurements and advice are given by the use of these tools.


The company has a blog that is aimed at posting the new brand, promotion tips, and advice (PRWEB UK 2011). Although the blog was launched in August 2011, little has been done on the site like promotional offers, advice tips, and posting of the new products. Although other sites have no well established blog sites, FYFO management to keep the clock rolling as the demands and preferences of consumers have been changed.

b. Proposal

Website: it is proposed that

  • FYFO have daily or weekly updates on the new brands, price changes, offers, and promotions.
  • Use the feedback and comments by consumers to develop their markets and content availed.
  • Offer campaigns, promotions and offers directly on the websites.

Social Web

Social media networks has emerged as the next marketing platform as more than 70% of people are on facebook or twitter and 47% consult before purchasing goods. It is proposed that:

  • Daily updates be made on the sites
  • Create a brand image and household name.
  • Create and encourage product discussion groups
  • Collaborate with monitoring and surveying agencies to know daily site hits.
  • Carry online campaigns and advertising campaigns in 5 months to increase familiarity.
  • Improve on the tagging aspect to increase followers
  • Design updates related to the brands, prices, and offers.


the designed blog can be used to build an online PR where consumers can be allowed to write on their views, comment, and give opinions on areas that need improvement. This will help in converting the visitors to buyers.

  • Include promotions, advice, shopping tips and offers on the products.
  • List prices of new trends and new products to give consumers new access.
  • Collaborate with online bloggers to give opinions of FYFO products
  • Provide articles to online feeds
  • Pooling the blog and have different bloggers.


it is proposed a mobile platform be developed and incepted.

Search Marketing- natural (SEO):

This would reduce any traffic congestion that may be experienced on the social web and social media to achieve the 25seconds loading time. It is also proposed to review available content to enable faster and easy key word density on the search engine optimization, social websites and its website.

Section 3: Communications Planning


The ultimate goal of FYFO is to be the leading online fashion retailer in UK and reach large consumer base. Therefore the “return on investment” should be evaluated based on different variables in the given time frame (12 months). Some of the indicators and variables that would be used to measure ROI are increased traffic on the websites, more twitter followers, achievement of the new communication marketing objectives, number of bloggers, phone and email brand enquiries, and overcoming all the mentioned challenges in the organization, business, and environment/industry.

The aim is to evaluate the how the new objectives have been necessitated by the digital media communication. Any positive or negative correlations could be key performance indicators which measures the effectiveness of digital marketing objectives. Also, the offline media could be used to measure the return on investments.

Lastly, ROI positive results would be evaluated and assessed based on the values in the anticipated changes like increased consumers and profits, analysis on saved costs in adopting the new approaches, implementation and campaigns.


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