Parts Of Computer And Their Function

A computer has various parts and every part of a computer has its own unique function. We will see howa computer functions with these different parts.

Components of a computer

The CPU or the central processing unit is an indispensable component of a computer which is present inside a rectangular box underneath the desk and is also referred to as the brain of a computer where all the information is processed.

Then is the mouse, which is usually used to point or select items on your computer. It helps to open, close; scroll up and down the page, select the pointed item which can be controlled via mouse’s left and right clicks.

A keyboard helps in typing the alphabets, numbers and also to navigate the screen.

A modemactually is the device that sends and receives information over a high speed cable that’s how we access the internet. Another important component where the information is stored temporarily is called RAM or Random Access Memory. The information will be deleted from RAM once the computer is switched off.

The information a computer uses is stored on a hard disk where all the files and programs are stored. It is located internally. Computers today are equipped with DVD and CD drives located in the front of the system which are used to read and write the information on CD.

A motherboard is the electrical circuit board with chips and controls all other components like the keyboard, CPU, CD-ROM, mouse etc.

A graphic card is an additional support to the computer used to process images and 3D graphics. It needs to be installed additionally on the computer. Since it has a memory of its own, the user has an additional memory over RAM as well.

All the parts of a computer are connected via a wire. However, with the technological advancement, today, computers can be connected to printers, scanners, speakers, headphones etcParts of a Computer (2012). The following are the different types of software.

  • System Software-It includes OS, device drivers, servers, tools and utilities, windowing systems etc. It insulates the applications programmer from hardware features and memory and also from printers, displays, keyboards etc.
  • Programming Software-It helps the programmer to write the computer programs using programming languages in a more useful and convenient way. The used tools include compilers, linkers, text editors, interpreters etc. The IDE or the integrated development environment helps the programmer in performing actions conveniently with the use of GUI or graphical user interface feature by which a programmer need not type multiple commands like compiling, debugging etc.
  • Application Software- It lets the end user to achieve one or more tasks. Its applications are in business software, industrial automation, databases, medical software etc. Businesses use it extensively.

    Important Functions of an Operating System

    1. Booting the computer system
    2. Performing tasks via input devices like mouse, keyboard etc
    3. Handle system memory and share information with other important peripherals
    4. Provide file management which includes storing information, retrieving it, saving and also manipulating information- Different Types of Computer Systems The following are the various types of computers available today depending on their usability and suitability by individuals and organisations (Basic functions of an Operating System).

    DESKTOP COMPUTERS- They are designed to be at a place and do not support portability. It is connected to the accessories like keyboard, mouse, CPU etc with wires and is suitable for personal use at home, office etc(Types of Computers).

    LAPTOP COMPUTERS- The main difference between a desktop computer and a laptop is portability. Laptops can be carried anywhere and used from any location subject to internet accessibility. Today’s laptops are smart enough to handle various functions just like a powerful desktop computer and stylish as well. A laptop is connected with a keyboard and there are no strings or wires attached to it. But yes, accessories like head phones, battery charger are needed which are wired. Internet can be accessed by deices like dongles, Wi-Fi etc(Types of Computers)

    HAND HELD COMPUTERS AND NETBOOKS- Smart phones and net books are the latest in the markets. They have limited power as compared to a desk top or a laptop however it can certainly serve the required purpose for which it is designed. Surfing the net, emailing, browsing, music listening, songs downloading etc can be safely performed using these devices. They are suitable for students who crave for technological marvels and want to have a hand on it(Types of Computers).

    SUPER COMPUTERS- They are the largest computers equaling the size of a room. Organizations where extensive calculating abilities are needed, supercomputers are used as they are highly expensive and difficult to handle. They perform complex tasks like weather mapping, forecasting, performing scientific calculations, and other governmental usages (Types of Computers).

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